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What's it about?

One Sentence Pitch:

When he's accidentally transformed into a wizard, a young misfit boy is called upon to save the town he’s been desperately trying to escape.

Full Blurb:

    By age thirteen, the list of nasty foster homes Goff had lived in was longer than he was old. He'd given up on having friends long ago. He survived by keeping his head down, hiding from bullies, ignoring teasing morons, and pouring himself into earning a Scholarship to Amworth Academy, a place he hoped he could finally call home. When transferred to Spraksville, a town with a history of witchcraft, it was just more of the same to him -- until the stone gargoyles started talking to him. That changed everything. 

    With the help of a few unexpected friends, he discovers that ending up in Spraksville wasn't accidental. Thirteen generations back, Goff’s ancestor stopped a maniacal dark wizard from performing an ancient ritual to become invincible. Now, due to magical laws, Goff is the one who must stop the present-day counterpart living in Spraksville from performing the same ritual on Halloween night. The problem is that the Mathers clan placed a diabolical curse on Goff's family tree to make them as magical as broken kitchen appliances. Basically, Goff opposing Mathers is like a box turtle taking on a T-Rex. 

​    As Halloween approaches, Mathers magically seals Spraksville off to escape and transforms the adults into an army of soul-sucking ghouls. Stopping the ritual seems impossible as the sky boils crimson at sunset. No one in town will survive, and the rest of the world will fall into darkness. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and for Goff, the odds couldn’t be worse. 


This is a book that I would have been happy to read to my children or see them curled up reading. It's fun and spooky and has good story dynamics, but it also has a positive message about friendship coming in all shapes and sizes and that a kind heart has it's own special kind of magic.

Chapter Illustrations with Music

"What's it about?" Video

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