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Coming Spring 2023

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Misfit's Magic: The Last Halloween not a "Halloween story," but it is atmospheric and full of spooky and colorful Autumn and imagery. The story is most appropriate for 10+, but mature 8+ have enjoyed it as have young and older adults. The language is clean (nothing worse than "heck"), and while there are scary parts, overall it is a "feel good" story with a positive message about kindness and friendship. One Goodreads reviewer summed up the experience of reading it nicely:
"I genuinely found this book to be a satisfying and entertaining read...The characters, the plot line, the location, are all presented in elaborate precision. You can vividly picture the characters, the small town, all in great detail. Although it's written for a younger demographic, I think there's the potential of a larger population benefitting from it. As adults, we tend to lose the perceptive edge of intelligence that we only seem to process through the innocence of our youth. We have yet to become jaded against the world, and tend to have a keener eye in spotting the possibility of good.
Even though the main character, Goff, has been dealt several blows at an early age, he's more accepting of being able to change his future destiny, learning the value of standing up for yourself and others, and what can be accomplished through friendship and love."
-Tina M, Goodreads

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